Published March 9th, 2021

Engaging a Trusted and Effective Mediator


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In 2019, FBCG conducted a seminal study on the availability and effectiveness of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) across the six GCC countries. A key finding of the report “Dispute Resolution for Family Businesses in the GCC: Keeping the family united” was that mediation is an effective way to resolve conflict amongst families. However, there were three key issues identified:

1. There are limited mediation options in the GCC

2. There is a shortage of experienced and professional mediators equipped to understand the unique circumstances of GCC family businesses

3. Mediation is not currently planned and embedded in the family governance

This was the impetus for this edition of our Conflict Resolution Series. We highlight the key considerations for a family business that chooses to pursue mediation as a first point of call when working to resolve conflict. One of the key success factors for this path is engaging an effective and trusted mediator.